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At the third stroke …

Last Wednesday morning — just a week ago — I was sitting quietly at my dining table writing morning pages as the early sun streamed into my little living room. My ritual pot of tea and candle accompanied me. Suddenly, … Continue reading

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Out of the blue

Just over a week ago, on Sunday the 11th, I had a second stroke. A smaller one, thank goodness. Blessedly, there is no further cognitive damage done. But my walking and general stamina have taken another hit. Walking stick is … Continue reading

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Speaking out

Joyce’s Kornblatt’s workshop yesterday focused on writing as testimony; writing that gives voice to stories that must be told. As I sat quietly with the idea of ‘writing as testimony’, distressing images from a recent Sydney Morning Herald came to … Continue reading

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Profound transformation

Around 10 am on Thursday, 23 February 2012, as I sat quietly concentrating on the manuscript on my screen, I had a stroke. My right upper lip went completely numb and I felt close to collapse. The next nine days … Continue reading

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