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A plea for compassionate awareness

souls mourn our earth weeps drifty rain blurring boundaries — may hard hearts dissolve  

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A plea for compassion and open-mindedness on Australia Day

Each year as Australia Day approaches — more jingoistic and commercialised every year, it seems — I become unsettled, troubled. Grappling internally to find a compassionate view of what is happening in and to the country of my birth. My … Continue reading

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Hope lives

I know haiku aren’t meant to venture into politics. But sometimes, it seems allowable. win for humankind Obama, symbol of hope, compassion, fairness  

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There but for the grace …

Any one of us could become a refugee, a seeker of asylum – yet our elected representatives in this relatively peaceful, safe country find it more comfortable to apply hard-headed political ‘solutions’ to moral challenges thrown up by displaced, dispossessed … Continue reading

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