Good editing is ultimately invisible, yet leaves the text as polished and effective as it can possibly be. The best writers edit their work many times before releasing it to the world; most seek the collaboration and guidance of a professional editor before presenting a manuscript to agents or publishers for consideration.

A professional editor can offer guidance on structure, syntax, plot, characterisation, cohesion and consistency, mentoring the writer in self editing techniques along the way, regardless of genre.

Some writers choose to work in stages with their editor, first seeking a manuscript assessment, then spending time rewriting and redrafting the work before having it copy edited. At its finest, the relationship between writer and editor is collaborative, dynamic and deeply satisfying.

These covers showcase just a few of the books I’ve edited and/or project managed in recent years.

SerendipMarie Claire - Real + SimpleThe Real Possibility Of Joy

Holding Up The Sky
Fortunate Son - Keith Urban

The Honey Spinnerswarpeacesonyabobkatter

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