Sheer delight

It’s almost a year since I last saw a large body of water — I cherish those memories of walking on Valla Beach at sunrise and sunset in January last year.

So, feeling confident now about my capabilities and limitations, I took myself on a little excursion yesterday, making the most of my pensioner travel concession. It’s a half hour train trip from home into Milsons Point station, nestled right at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge northern pylon. There are cafes, parks, harbour foreshore walks, extraordinary views of the underside of our massive bridge, two ferry wharves within walking distance of each other — not to mention the harbour, and a clear view straight across to the Sydney Opera House. It was an adventure.

Simply being there on a mild, sunny morning made me feel like a child filled with wonderment. The salty scent of harbour water, the people strolling, the harbour views — such gifts.

I had a little dream that I might catch a ferry — get out there on that glorious, sparkling water and feel the cool breeze on my face. Noisy crowds and flagging energy put an end to that idea — but it’s alive and well and tucked away for a quieter day later in the year.

Instead, my trusty walking stick and I idled back up the hill to a Kirribilli streetside café where I sat beneath shady trees sipping a decaf latte and reading my book. Heaven.

There are other spots on the harbour and on the Hawkesbury River that I can reach by shortish train journeys. They’re calling me to come, on future days when the weather is mild and welcoming.


spirit dance walking
propelling my tardy legs
sun glints on harbour


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3 Responses to Sheer delight

  1. Annarosa says:

    Lovely. I can just see you doing all those things 🙂

  2. Doug Shoemark says:

    (Thank you for your Christmas card, which brought us great joy).
    It sounds like you had a lovely day out, Des. Everyone seems to enjoy being near the water and I think this is increased when you’ve grown up near the water as we did. Given that Mum and Dad’s ashes were scattered in the water, I always feel closer to them when I’m near the ocean/harbour.
    I am appreciating the simple pleasures at the moment, with Kerrie in India doing volunteer work in some orphanages for a few weeks. I miss her greatly but am enjoying the slowness of spending time with Lily: eating, walking, reflecting.
    Certainly, there is always much to be grateful for. Christmas day in hospital is becoming a family tradition: 20 years ago with mum, last year it was me and this year it was Amy.(We’re looking for a volunteer to be hospitalised on Christmas day next year). Just as we did 20 years ago, we embraced the situation and spent a wonderful day together at the Prince of Wales, briefly ignoring Amy’s constant pain from crohn’s disease and focussing on the gift of life, especially as we look forward to Amy’s baby arriving in May.
    I look forward to hearing about your next adventure. Considering how much time we spent on the Stockton ferry in our childhood, I particularly look forward to hearing about your ferry ride in coming months.

  3. Pamela Cook says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day Desney. Wonderful for you to be out by the water. Thank you for sharing your day and Haiku – especially love the first line, spirit dance walking. Beautiful.

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