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In memory of Daniel

I went to sleep last night to the sound of gentle rain and awoke to it Right now the entire sky is grey soft rain falls in drifts raindrops bead my windows This day could be a poem My dear … Continue reading

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At the third stroke …

Last Wednesday morning — just a week ago — I was sitting quietly at my dining table writing morning pages as the early sun streamed into my little living room. My ritual pot of tea and candle accompanied me. Suddenly, … Continue reading

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Passion and joy

A lot can happen in a couple of weeks, even for a woman whose pace of life is very slow and outwardly uneventful. Since I last posted, I’ve changed my blood-thinning medication, thus freeing myself from dietary monitoring and restrictions. … Continue reading

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This precious moment

First thing on Monday morning, I spent an hour with my optometrist, deciding on ‘one or two/this one or that one better’ and performing other optical gymnastics so that he could devise the optimum prescription for my new glasses. He’s … Continue reading

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A plea for compassionate awareness

souls mourn our earth weeps drifty rain blurring boundaries — may hard hearts dissolve  

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May light prevail

if not now, when? if not me, who? each candle lights a path through darkness

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Deep acceptance

A couple of days ago, the rain began — delightful soft drifty showers with a few heavier falls, especially at night. Temperatures dropped a little. It’s been bliss. It feels as though the big old trees and flowering shrubs and … Continue reading

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A plea for compassion and open-mindedness on Australia Day

Each year as Australia Day approaches — more jingoistic and commercialised every year, it seems — I become unsettled, troubled. Grappling internally to find a compassionate view of what is happening in and to the country of my birth. My … Continue reading

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Suburban beauty

mauve deep dusky pink pale pink — crepe myrtle blossoms gracing damp grey air  

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Turramurra morning

magpie melodies — liquid song greeting dawn’s rays — divine synergy  

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